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[um_loggedout] Eché pots is always looking for the best options to get our handmade products into the hands of consumers. If you would like to stock our products please apply for a wholesale account and we will be in contact.[/um_loggedout]

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Wholesale order form

Please check that your business name, first name, last name and delivery address is correctly listed above. If this is not correct, please contact us using the “contact” link in the site footer below.
This is linked to the account information you have on file and can not be changed
If your business has multiple locations, please clarify where this order will be shipped.
$13.45 per unit
$11.82 per unit
$14.82 per unit
$12.28 per unit
$14.15 per unit
$11.75 per unit
$12.65 per unit
$12.90 per unit



The minimum order amount is $200 before GST. There is no charge for delivery to your address. An invoice will be issued and emailed to the email address on file upon placing an order.


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