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How eché began

Ryan Mondich

designer and creator

"I created this brand as a university project and just fell in love with the idea that I could take something non-tangible as an idea in my brain and turn it into an actual piece of artwork, something that can bring beauty and be a statement piece in someone’s home."

My studies were to create the branding and the digital framework for the brand. The actual process of creating plant pots was a trial-and-error endeavour for me, and it was a venture in brand growth as well as personal development.

A big reason that I started creating plant pots was after noticing the plants in retail shops never seemed to fit the cover pots very well. This is why when creating a pot, I start with a specific nursery grow container and build my pot around this. This way it creates a real work of art and people can really tell the pots are purposely designed to hold quality, Australian-made grower’s containers.

My style of design initially started with creating digital prototypes on a computer using a 3D printer to make them come to life. This gave me the exterior shell that would eventually become the plant pot. I would then use casting resin and build out the pot walls with the appropriate dimensions to hold the nursery pot. The next step would be to make a mould of my new master design which would eventually be used to make the actual pots. So, it’s a bit of a process from idea to actually seeing a finished product but it’s the most rewarding thing in the world to be able to feel and touch something that I actually brought to life out of just an idea.

More recently I’ve changed my style of design to be able to create larger items. I’ve started to use modelling foam and plaster. By cutting pieces of foam and covering them with plaster, I’ve been able to create some really interesting textured pieces that completely blow me away when I see the finished product.

In the medium and long term, I hope to take my personal design methods and continue to improve and expand my abilities. In turn, this will accelerate my brand’s following and slowly as I grow myself, so too will eché grow into one of the most influential Australian-made homeware design brands.